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Tara South of Mandala YMR 

When asking Tara why she is a Yoga Teacher, she said simply "I love it, I'm passionate about it and want to share it with the world".

That's all good and well but I think there is more to it - so I delved a bit deeper...

"The over commercialisation of the world freaks me out. I really feel that Yoga gives me, and others, a space to step into the quiet, to put you in touch with your feeling body.  It rips away all the bullshit and layers that we put over ourselves to get through the day to day challenges of life"


Okay, so now she is on a roll... "Yoga leaves you with who you really are - the raw and vunerable version of yourself which is truly beautiful"

So with after having practiced yoga for 10 years, she decided to become a teacher and started her own studio in 2011. She became dismayed in the merchandising of Yoga happening all around her. It was time to cut and run. Tara landed in Morocco where she lead yoga surf retreats and was rewarded by seeing individuals and yoga teachers from EU, UK and the US open up about their own experiences at the hand of in-authentic yogis.  

The need for authenticity in all forms has now inspired her to create Retreats that are "like a constant cuddle, with a little kick in the pants" and Yoga Teacher Training that is "like a re-birth, a ripping off the layers and the evolution into the INDIVIDUAL teacher you really are".

She get's all excited, stands up and runs over to her notebook to read me her favourite quote "It's from Buddah!" she says "Your work is to discover your world and with all your heart give yourself to it".

Then in a flash of wilde blonde hair and bright blue eyes she has bolted off to assist someone on a mat somewhere...

Scroll down for words from our Mandala family...



“Be someone who makes everyone else feel like they are somebody” – that’s a quote I’ve seen Tara use in her Instagram feed (worth following for gorgeous photos and sentiments). She is definitely the kind of person who makes everyone she meets feel special, listened to, and cared for.


I went on one of her yoga retreats in Morocco. Although I am fit and do pilates, this was my first ever taste of yoga. I loved it – and I’m sure that’s largely down to her teaching. I loved working on individual positions as well as the, quite frankly, addictive vinyasa flow sequences. She was very attentive to the beginners in our group and I never felt out of my depth, but at the same time I know she catered for the advanced yogis too, always providing different options. And she pushed me and other beginners to reach our potential - I felt supported to try more advanced positions when I wanted to.


I got one-on-one time with Tara where she helped me come up with a series of moves to do at home, which I have used alongside her YouTube videos. 


Tara’s teaching style is varied and enriched with her deep knowledge, learned through her many years working as a teacher and studying around the world. She really knows her stuff – whether it is technical points on a position, information on how best to deal with an injury, meditation techniques, or the spiritual and intellectual side of yoga. And she has the most amazing, moving and motivational playlists to keep you going while you’re on the mat!



"I first met Tara in 2010. I was instantly intrigued by her yoga teachings, captivating personality, warmth and focus to help improve her students yoga experiences. I always look forward to practicing with Tara whenever she is in Australia or Asia with Mandala YMR. If you're looking at starting out or are a experienced yogi Tara will help enlighten and further enhance your yoga practice."


I remember the first time I met Tara. Hahahaha ... yes, it was Rocket Yoga! And yes, I had no idea what I had myself into. 

There was something about the energy I felt with Tara and so I kept me coming back to her classes. I call it the "Jing" to myself journey 


I kept coming to practice, and each practice Tara will guide me through a journey to myself. I felt that she was tailoring each asana practice depending on my energy level. You noticed I am saying "my energy level" although it was a class. That's the beauty of her practicing with Tara . 


One day after class I took some photography shots of Tara while she was practicing Vinyasa. It was the first time in my life I experience waves of beautiful energy coming out of someone. It was breathtaking. 


The energy I experienced invited me to do Yoga Teacher Training with Tara. The journey was my rebirth. It didn't stop there. Tara's love and care carried out after the training through one on one session to make sure the transition to my routine life is done with love and balance. 

Thank you for being in my life Tara 💙