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Attachment vs Detachment

August 13, 2016


This week I have had so many conversations that have involved being attached to something, trying to find a non-attached emotion and then slipping into detachment! So I thought it was time to share my information with you...


Attachment verse detachment could be deemed as a close line, but when broken down we understand they are two entirely different effects...


Attachment is something that we can start to recognise in our habitual patterns like when you go to a yoga class, is there a specific place where you put your mat? A particular side of the room? The front or back of the yoga class? How do you react if you don't get "your space"? Do you feel like your practice will suffer? Do you get angry or upset?


This is a perfect example of an attachment! When your mind reacts to not getting "it's normal pattern"! So we start to learn our attachments to non-attach to what we live in our daily lives...


Detachment on the other hand is an entirely different space... Often we can be detached and not even know we are. A good example that I will use is a personal one of a past relationship - as we can all relate to relationships whether it be friendship, family, or partner...


I was in a solid relationship with a man, living in our own house, surrounded by beautiful furniture, both of us working decent income jobs, the dogs in the backyard, working towards, well whatever you do in a stable relationship, but I felt constantly like I was in a crowded room screaming at the top of my lungs and no one could hear me... Like I was boxed in! I would cry in the shower every night, but put on a smile around him, our family and our friends...


Until one day something inside of me snapped! I could not do this to him or myself anymore... I could not stay and live this "lie" - so I left for the unknown and decided that I would let my life unfold as it needed to from here on...

Had I stayed in our solid 4 walls and kept up the "act" of whatever I was doing I would have been detached! But instead I chose to move with my feeling body as it was telling me everything about what I was doing was wrong...


We all have times of attachment and detachment and non-attachment but it's recognising these in our habitual patterns, relationships and reactions...


"Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and attachment to things we misapprehend as enduring entities" ~Dalai Lama~

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