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The Tiny Things...

October 23, 2016


This trip to the U.K has made me realise life come's down to all the tiny things... 


When I was in my 20's, life was all about the big events like weddings, babies, travelling... and now in my 30's, life is all about the teeny tiny things, like when the sun kisses my skin on a cold winters day, the cool of the salt water as it washes over my skin as I dive into the sea on a hot summers day and when the children of friends from my youth hold my hand and tell me that they love me...


These are the things that strip away all the years of what has shaped my world, and turn it back into the simplicity of being a wide eye'd child, discovering new things for the first time...


I'm now filled with a love for life that makes me appreciate every morning I wake up, and a feeling of gratitude each evening I shut my eyes and rest through the night...


I realise that true friends are like precious gem stones, true love is as rare as holding a single snow flake in your hand for more then a minute, and being able to travel the world and have family in all corners is something I never consciously thought was possible, but here I stand in my life not knowing how, when, or why I created this world I live in but somewhere along my life's journey this is what I made happen.

And it's here and now that I feel completely, whole heartedly in love with what I have created and in turn the sun in my sky shines nothing but true love on myself and the one's blessed to be in it...


To you my friends and family (yoga family totally included) thanks to you for opening my heart to this eternal love that I have for you, me and the world...


"The only journey is the journey within ~ Rainer Maria Rilke~"

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