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No Mistakes. Just A Journey...

November 30, 2016


It always leaves me sitting bewildered at how much can change in a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, days, and then a month goes by and your life has taken a completely different path to the one it was travelling on. A year passes and what was, is now left as a distant memory...


Something you have written in your life's work, and put to rest in the bookcases that shelve our souls existence.


When we make a choice, we change our future...


No matter how big or small that choice may seem at the time, it starts the transformation of new growth. Possibly a rumble of fear as we step from the fixed into the unknown.


Whether it's sunshine or a clouds in your sky, if we embrace every single minute of metamorphosis that life brings... knowing there are no mistakes in this life but rather these facts...

  • Your path had to change for something ahead - Unknown and bludy scary...

  • A lesson was learnt and now not to be repeated again, or maybe... Bludy hindsight...

  • You needed to come into contact with another soul on this earth - Sometimes painfully so but done... Ticked that off the list…


Whatever the reason, we embrace what is delivered, throw our heads back and laugh, at what can be the glorious mess we live in... And so the journey continues...


There is no stopping the hurdling changes, that come at full speed towards us, loving each and every big "phat" lesson thrown our way and reveling in each souls essence bought to our journey thus far, for whatever reason...


Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most ~Buddha~

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